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Are you looking for confined space access equipment? Working in confined spaces poses a number of potential risks, including gas exposure and limited oxygen. However, the first thing needed for working in confined spaces is being able to access the space in the first place. Accordingly, confined space access equipment is absolutely crucial. At Comtec Carl Backs, we have got everything needed for working in confined spaces, and when it comes to confined space entry equipment, we have a wide variety of top quality options.

The importance of proper access equipment

Proper access equipment is crucial when working in confined spaces to ensure the safety of workers. Due to conditions with severe physical limitations, confined spaces are often difficult to enter and exit, and without the proper equipment for both entry and exit, workers may be at risk of injury or death from falls, entrapment, or other accidents.

Find your confined space access equipment here

Here at Comtec Carl Backs, we offer a wide variety of top quality confined space equipment. Our assortment of confined space access equipment includes everything you need to get workers in and out of confined spaces, including different bridge systems and tripod options.

In case you’re searching for rescue equipment, our selection of access equipment also covers equipment designed to deliberate wounded or otherwise incapable workers from confined spaces while protecting them from the surroundings. Our rescue equipment category includes:

  • Rescue kits with auto-locking pulleys and speed braking systems

  • Battery-powered motorised winches

  • Powerful manual winches

  • Stretchers

Proper training is always required

Regardless of what kinds of confined space entry equipment your workers are using, proper training in the use of access or rescue equipment is always required in order to ensure that it is used safely and effectively. The training may include:

  • Proper anchoring techniques

  • Securing the equipment

  • Entering and exiting confined spaces using the equipment

Could you use some advice?

Should you have questions regarding confined space access equipment, you are always welcome to call our customer service department on +45 7512 0930 or email us at