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Rain Boots

When your work includes being at job sites with injury risks of different sorts, the importance of wearing safety footwear with the right protective features should never be underestimated. There are many different types of safety footwear, but when the job is situated in a wet environment, rain boots are sometimes the only thing that quite works. Luckily, safety rain boots exist, and if you or your workers are exposed to lots of water in an environment that also requires safety footwear, work rain boots might be the best option.

Work rubber boots vs. work boots.

To be frank, there are lots and lots of waterproof work boots that offer perfectly acceptable water resistance. However, while waterproof safety boots protect your feet from getting drenched, rarely do they reach much further than just above the ankles.

Waterproof and protective

With a work rain boot, you can protect a larger part of your legs and still feel safe in environments containing risks of getting injured. In contrast to a normal rain boot, the typical work rain boot comes with a protective toe cap and a protective midsole.

Other protective features

Additionally, apart from protecting against water and injuries, it’s also possible to find work rubber boots with various other protective features such as oil and petrol resistance, chemical resistance, fire resistance, and slip resistance.

Our work rain boots

Here at Comtec, you can find safety rain boots from Dunlop and Cerva. Both models have safety toe caps, protective midsoles, and antistatic. In addition, the Cerva rain boot is oil and petrol resistant with a slip resistant sole, whereas the Dunlop rain boot offers chemical resistance and is energy absorbing.

In case you might be looking for other kinds of protective workwear with emphasis on water protection, why not have a look at our rainwear section? We have jackets, pants, coveralls, and everything else you might need to protect you and your team from water while on duty.

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