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Business shoes

When the working environment includes potential risks of getting injured, it’s highly important to use safety footwear with the required protective features. While the most popular type of safety footwear is work boots, it’s also possible to find safety footwear with more of a formal look. Safety shoes are a great way of protecting your feet while also wearing a shoe that works outside warehouses, but in case you need safety footwear that looks deceivingly officelike, our business shoes should be right down your alley.

Why choose business shoes?

Safety shoes are a lighter and typically more comfortable version of safety boots. It’s worth mentioning that in order to get maximum protection in the workplace, work boots are generally the safest option. But in case you also value comfort and manoeuvrability, safety shoes are the greatest compromise between protection and comfort.

Our business shoes are basically a pair of safety shoes that goes perfectly well with business attire. If only part of your work takes place in an environment with injury risks, while other parts of the job consists of office time and meetings, business shoes like Elten’s Adviser Business Safety Shoes with protective properties gives you an all-round shoe that works anywhere.

Business casual shoes

In case you’re looking for more of a business casual shoe, it’s also entirely possible to find shoes in the safety shoes category that by no means look like a pair of trainers. For example, Sievi have managed to make safety shoes with an acceptable look for all situations while equipped with plenty of protective features.

Are you or your team looking for other types of work shoes? Feel free to have a look at our wide variety of safety footwear. We have a broad range of shoes and boots as well as safety sandals and safety rain boots.

Besides safety footwear, we also offer high quality workwear for all kinds of situations - jackets, undershirts, underwear, you name it. In addition to clothes and footwear, we can even offer different types of services such as equipment inspections, fall protection courses, and consultations.