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Mission, vision and values

ccbsafety is based on service, know-how, trustworthiness, and accessibility, as we develop now and in the future.


Since the beginning it has been our goal to become the obvious choice of supplier for companies that demand personal safety equipment and workwear from a value-adding supplier. Our business concept has been developed based on this goal and is the result of many years of experience as a specialist supplier to a large number of companies, large and small.
As we develop, we want to continue to be a company with satisfied customers and a healthy economy, that takes environmental considerations into account in our activities, to ensure our customers a good and stable partner in many years to come. The foundation is our competent and committed employees and their ability to align themselves with our company mission.

Our mission:

To help companies work safely and efficiently – wherever they are.


We strive to deliver a total solution, tailored to the individual customer, and to provide the customer with an exceptionally high level of service every time. Service and quality are in our DNA – a DNA that is shared between every employee in the company and is an inherent part of our company culture.
Taking the environment and our working environment into account is an integral part of our work, which we cherish, as it is crucial for us in order to pursue our vision.

Our vision:

To be the world’s most value-adding supplier of workwear and safety equipment.

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We are known for thinking outside the box and going the extra mile for our customers – and we want this reputation to form an integral part of our brand value through our entire existence. To ensure this, our business will continue to be based on service, know-how, trustworthiness and accessibility, as we develop now and in the future.

Along with our high internal standards and company culture, these principles help guide all employees in their daily conduct and are expressed in a shared set of values.

Our values

We are trustworthy

Our communication is open and honest within the company and with the outside world. We do what we say we do, and we keep our promises.

We are accessible

We don’t hide behind our desks. We make ourselves available to help our colleagues, customers, and business partners with whatever problem they might have.

We are service

We focus our efforts on providing the highest level of personal customer service every day – no matter who and where the customer is.

We are experts

We continuously develop our competencies in our areas of expertise to enhance individual and organizational performance to the benefit of our customers.

We are conscious

We contribute to reducing CO2 emissions by being environmentally conscious in our initiatives in the workplace.

We pay attention

We care about our employees. We are aware that they thrive and feel safe in their work.