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GET YOUR OWN Bespoke Web Solution

To simplify the procurement process of our customers, we offer a user-defined web portal with a selected product range that is integrated with our ERP system for fast and error-free processing of orders.

Our online solution allows individual employees to order their equipment easily and comfortably via a PC, tablet or smartphone. The order can be authorized automatically or by an approver created in the system.

The web shop can be created with different selections for each department or task in your company. This means that the range can be customized to the function of the employees or the department.

When an order is approved in the webshop it is automatically created in our ERP system, including the logos, which you might have requested on individual items. In this way, the delivery process becomes streamlined and all parties are ensured the smallest margin of error possible.

Overall, your company will see cost reduction through easier ordering and receiving, while it is also made easy for you to facilitate the process of authorization and payment. Also, to meet our customers’ demand for fast delivery, we maintain a stock of selected products of their choosing in the warehouse closest to them.

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In connection with the launch of our new webshop, we have developed our customer webshops based on internal and external feasibility studies - here are some of the improvements we have developed:

  • Integration to customer/supplier ERP systems

  • Real time local stock availability

  • Real time track & trace

  • Global 24/7 accessibility – local delivery

  • Improved user interface

  • Improved statistics

  • Improved lead time

  • Local language and currency