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Lower wear underwear

For those of us working outside during winter or in a perpetually cold climate, protecting the body from harsh weather conditions and freezing temperatures is a top priority. Corporate jackets and undershirts help a lot, but by no means does that mean the rest of the body doesn’t need cold protection. To give yourself or your workers the best possible circumstances for doing a proper job, their protection and comfort needs to hold up to the climate. Accordingly, long underwear with insulation or thermal functions is a must have.

Warm underpants for different climates

Thermal underpants, long johns, and long underwear come in a wide variety, and depending on required features and specific desires, there are different options to consider. Are you or your employees working in slightly chilly weather conditions, are we rather talking exposure to subzero temperatures, or perhaps a bit of both?

Our selection of warm underpants consists of high quality models with different features tailored for working in either cold or extremely cold temperatures.

Thermal long johns for cold days

If you prefer cotton over merino wool on your legs, thermal long johns from Xplore have a comfortable inner layer of soft cotton, whilst an outer layer of merino wool provides sufficient thermal function. The product comes in two models: men’s and unisex.

Thermal underwear trousers for extreme cold

If you or your employees are exposed to extremely cold temperatures, merino wool is the way to go. With Blåkläder’s Underwear Trousers for both men and women, you get thermal underwear in 100 % merino wool that will keep you warm and dry in temperatures from -5 to -30 degrees Celsius. If you also want temperature regulation, perhaps their XWARM model is a better choice.

Lightweight, functional underpants

In addition to long johns and underwear trousers with thermal function, we also have functional underpants and functional under trousers. They keep the body dry hence reducing the risk of freezing, and at the same time, they are both lightweight and equipped with moisture wicking properties.
For further weather protection, we recommend having a look at our assortment of work underwear, and of course, a corporate jacket is also worth considering.