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Service and inspection center

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Inspection of Fall Protection Equipment

We service all fall protection parts – from blocks to locks. For customers with more advanced equipment, we provide maintenance through our partnerships with external workshops. This means you can have your equipment ready immediately after servicing and get on with your work straight away and without undue delays.

According to EN 365, all fall protection equipment must undergo authorized inspection/service once a year. We perform inspection of fall protection equipment at our in-house repair- and service center, or at your workplace. We offer this service in Denmark, United Kingdom, United States, Taiwan, Germany, Netherlands and Belgium.
3 J6 A9808

Inspection of Survival Suits & Lifejackets

We are also trained to perform inspections and service of a variety of rescue equipment and other special equipment. We handle the whole process, and we have partner service centers around the world in order for us to service your equipment as close to you as possible, making the service process as fast as possible.

Certification Systems

To keep control and be able to track all the equipment sold to our customers, we make them a certificate, which is saved in our inspection program. Through this program we are alerted when a piece of equipment is due for service and in collaboration with the customer, we will arrange a service inspection. In addition, the program allows you to outsource the filing process and grant access to your business partners, who can access all certificates from any mobile device.

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