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Corporate social responsibility

Social responsibility, social responsibility, sustainability and triple bottom line.
At Comtec Carl Backs we take into account our overall impact socially, economically, and environmentally and launch initiatives to ensure our positive impact on a regular basis. Every year, we evaluate last year’s performance in the area and identify new areas of improvement.


We provide support to our local community through various sponsorships. We select which organizations/associations to sponsor based on their core activities, that should include culture, health or education. We also take internal interests into account – we want to support leisure activities of our employees and their children to ensure that they stay healthy, energized, and motivated.


In alignment with our global outlook, we support international organizations or projects whose primary activities or end goal benefit the 17 Sustainable Development Goals set out by the UN.


Through our Code of Conduct we provide a written collection of rules, principles, values, and behavioral expectations with the purpose of explaining what conduct is expected of all employees, suppliers, and partners and the consequences of acting unethically. This is our way to reduce the likelihood, that they will undertake unethical actions and thereby protect the shareholders of our company.


Working in close cooperation with our suppliers, we ensure that social responsibility is a consideration at every stage of the process.

We especially focus on not using high-risk suppliers, who do not fully respect national legislation or internationally recognized principles on human rights, labor rights, the environment and fighting corruption.

We are proud to only be working with suppliers, who take their social responsibility very seriously and continuously undertake initiatives to support sustainable development.