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High Vis rainwear

Whether you or your team work along the roadside, on a construction site, or in the middle of nowhere on an offshore oil rig, proper workwear is an essential part of what makes the job doable while also providing employees with the required comfort and necessary protection. Regardless of weather conditions, the job must be taken care of, and if rain just keeps pouring down, rainwear is an absolute must in order to protect your workers. High-vis resolutions are always preferable for outside work but especially when it comes to rainwear.

Reflective rain gear

When work takes place outside, it’s highly important that workers are clearly visible to nearby traffic and other potential dangers. Of course, reflective workwear during evening and night shifts is a given, but even if the job is during bright daylight, high visibility rainwear should never be neglected.

Rain demands high vis workwear

Even if the sun is shining, rain causes lowered visibility, but especially when hours are getting late, rain can have a crucial impact on the likelihood that an oncoming driver spots one of your team members in time to prevent collision.

Our high vis rainwear

With hi vis rain gear, you can make sure that your entire team is highly visible at all times regardless of time of day and rain levels. Depending on how cold temperatures get at your job sites, we have both ‘normal’ high vis rain jackets and high vis winter rain jackets.

Apart from jackets, we also offer highly practical high vis rain trousers. High vis rain trousers are not available as winter models, so in case additional warmth is needed, we highly recommend taking a look at our thermal underpants and long johns.

Are you or your team looking for other types of work jackets? If so, why not have a look at our different assortments of jackets including corporate jackets, fire resistant jackets, and fire resistant winter jackets.

Besides work clothes, we also offer a broad selection of high quality safety footwear for all kinds of situations. If you have questions about our products, you can call our customer service department on +45 7512 0930 or email us at