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FR jackets

Common for every corporation regardless of its field of expertise, the most important and valuable asset is always the employees. When exposed to the elements, workers need adequate equipment to do their job properly, and more importantly, their safety should always be top priority no matter the circumstances. Job sites with fire hazards require that the employees on site have the necessary equipment to protect themselves, and a vital part of that protection is a fire resistant jacket.

FR jackets for different seasons

Our fire resistant jackets, or FR jackets for short, come in three categories: FR regular jackets, FR winter jackets, and FR fleece jackets. Common for all categories, they will provide you and your employees with the necessary protection in workplaces with fire hazards.

FR regular jacket

With the Comtec Carl Backs FR Antistatic Jacket, Europe 93, what you get is a fire retardant regular jacket suitable for regular weather conditions. The jacket is coloured orange for heightened visibility and equipped with 50 mm FR reflective stripes for extra safety during evening and night shifts.

FR winter jacket

The FR Antistatic Winter Pilot Jacket, Europe 103 is a fire resistant jacket suited for cold weather conditions. Like our regular jacket, the winter jacket is also orange and equipped with reflective stripes for heightened visibility.

Compared to regular jackets, our FR winter jacket comes with polar heaters placed by the bottom pockets as well as an elastic waist for extra wind protection and elastic heaters by the wrists.

FR fleece jacket

Are you looking for an FR jacket suited for warmer weather conditions, then the Tranemo FR Fleece Jacket is a great choice. The jacket weighs only 300 g/m2 and is produced in a blend of different materials consisting of:

  • Modacrylic: 45 %
  • Cotton: 35 %
  • Polyester: 18 %
  • Antistatic: 2 %

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Should you have any questions, you can email us at or call our customer service department on +45 7512 0930.