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When it comes to the workplace, safety is crucial. In many industries it is essential that you make sure you wear eye protection to avoid any eye injuries – especially if you work with elements such as fumes, ultraviolet light, particles, or heat.

At Comtec Carl Backs we have an eye for personal protection within many industries such as offshore, wind, construction, and shipping. This includes eye protection, and we have a large variety of products designed to ensure your safety.

We want to provide maximum safety for our customers, so we hold our suppliers to high standards and carefully select which brands we want to offer in our assortment of products. Therefore, you are sure to find high quality eye protection products when you browse through our selection on this page.

Stay safe with the right eye protection

You need to choose the correct eye protection for the work that you are doing. On this page you will find eye protection products with many different functions such as anti-fog, impact resistance, and UV-protection. Also, you can pick your eye protection in different lens colours such as clear, grey, or yellow.

If you have any questions on what might be best for you, feel free to contact us. Our employees are our most valuable resource, so we continuously educate them on our products, so they can provide you with valuable advice when you shop with us.

Take a look at our selection of eye protection products, and find what you are looking for.