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FR coveralls

Regardless of your company’s field of expertise, it goes without saying that your employees should always be valued as your most essential assets. Just like your workers need adequate and functioning equipment to complete their tasks and provide a satisfying end product, when exposed to safety risks such as fire hazard, the safety of your employees should always be top priority. Accordingly, when working at job sites with fire hazards, both you and your workers should always be wearing fire resistant workwear. Here at Comtec, we offer a number of fire resistant coveralls as well as boiler suits.

FR Antistatic Coverall, Europe 90

With the Europe 90, what you get is a fire resistant coverall that offers several unique features setting it apart from other coveralls. The coverall is both flame resistant and made with antistatic properties. It’s been tested and certified to meet safety requirements and complies with various safety and performance standards.

Additionally, the Europe 90 is highly durable and designed to withstand wear and tear in heavy-duty work environments. Despite its durability, the FR coverall is also comfortable to wear and equipped with features such as flexible waistbands and a comfortable fit in order to reduce fatigue for workers wearing the coverall for long periods of time.

FR Antistatic Winter Coverall, Europe 100

Like the Europe 90, our winter coverall with fire retardant and antistatic properties protects from flames, heat, and static electricity. Also, it is equally suitable for heavy-duty work environments and lives up to the same safety standards.

The Europe 100 has a thick layer of winter insulation and is designed to protect workers in extreme work environments from cold temperatures. Despite its thickness, the fire resistant coverall is comfortable to wear over long periods of time due to features such as flexible waistbands and a comfortable fit.

FR boiler suits from Tranemo

For maximum protection and enhanced practicality, one of our boiler suits from Tranemo is a great choice. In addition to fire retardant properties, their suits will even protect against molten iron and several molten metals, and they also include more pockets than general coveralls.

All kinds of FR work clothes

In case you need other kinds of FR work clothes, we should have everything you might need right here at Besides FR coveralls, our assortment of fire resistant workwear includes:

Should you have any questions about our products, you are always welcome to call our customer service department on +45 7512 0930 or email us at