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The right workwear is essential. When it comes to work in industries such as wind, construction, and shipping, it is important to wear clothing that protects the body from potential hazards.

Coveralls are a great solution that ensures safety because there is no parting between the upper and lower part, so you can move freely and do your job without exposing your stomach. Our workwear coveralls are designed with comfort in mind to ensure that you can easily focus on your work instead of being bothered by your workwear.

Comtec Carl Backs is one of Denmark’s leading suppliers when it comes to workwear because we set high standards for ourselves, so we can ensure that you receive high quality products and service when you shop with us. We carefully select which brands we want to include in our selection based on quality, comfort, and functionality. Furthermore, we continuously educate our dedicated employees on our products, so they can use their know-how to give you valuable advice.

Different types of workwear coveralls

On this page we have gathered our selection of coveralls for work, so it is easy for you to browse the assortment and discover what you need.

You can choose between a variety of coveralls in different designs, colours, and sizes, so there is something for your needs when you browse our assortment. Take a look at our selection of coveralls, and find what works best for you.