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Safety Shoes

If working at a job site with risks of getting injured, a smart and efficient way of protecting your feet from potential damage is using safety shoes. Though there are several different kinds of safety footwear to choose from, i.e. safety boots or safety sandals, the safety shoe provides a mix of safety and comfort like none of the others. In our collection of work shoes, you will find a broad selection of products from high quality manufacturers of men’s safety shoes and women’s safety shoes as well as unisex options.

Safety shoes vs. safety boots

How do you choose which kind of safety footwear is the right one for you or your team, and in what situations do safety shoes make more sense than safety boots? If your job description requires both protection from injury risks and effortless mobility, safety shoes are a great option.

Less protective than safety boots

Safety boots are perhaps the most common type of safety footwear due to their top level protection and support. Usually, safety shoes don’t have the same level of protection, and if you need footwear with many different protective features, safety boots are the safer option.

Focus on lightness and comfort

However, if you’re mostly looking for footwear with protective toe caps and perhaps penetration resistant soles, a safety shoe can give you the required protection while also granting you more comfort and manoeuvrability due to its lightweight profile.

Formalwear options

If what you need is footwear that protects your feet at worksites with injury risks while also working well with business attire, it’s possible to find safety shoes with a formalwear look.

Many brands to pick from

In order for you to find safety shoes with the required properties, optimal comfort, and a personally satisfying design, we offer a broad range of men’s safety shoes, women’s safety shoes, and unisex safety shoes. Our selection features work shoes from the following brands:

  • Tranemo
  • Sievi
  • Sika
  • Otto Schachner
  • Brynje
  • Jalas
  • Sanita
  • Puma
  • Atlas
  • Elten
  • Grisport
  • Vismo

Are you considering other types of safety footwear for you or your team? In case some inspiration is needed, why not have a look at our complete collection of safety footwear.