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Upper wear underwear

When working outside, it’s important to use protection against cold temperatures and harsh weather conditions. A warm corporate jacket can work wonders, but to give yourself or your employees the optimal circumstances for doing their job properly while staying warm and healthy, a warm undershirt is a given. Work undershirts come in many variations with different features tailored for specific situations. Even in warmer climates, a flexible and sweat-transporting work undershirt has its merits, but especially when temperatures are low, a thermal undershirt is a must for workers exposed to the weather.

Warm undershirts for different demands

A thermal undershirt keeps workers warm without hindering their abilities or causing discomfort. Depending on your taste and demands, we have a number of thermal undershirts in different designs for either cold or extremely cold temperatures.

Thermal undershirts for cold temperatures

If you’re looking for a thermal work undershirt designated for chilly days rather than harsh winter conditions, one of our thermal undershirts from Xplor should hit the spot. Whether you prefer the crew neck or turtleneck model, both undershirts bring the necessary warmth and comfort to work outside without getting cold.

High-tech thermal undershirts for freezing temperatures

With Blåkläders Warm Underwear Zip-Neck Top, you get a work undershirt with warming zones on shoulders, arms, back, behind, and sides that keeps your body warm and dry in freezing temperatures as cold as -30 degrees Celsius.

Another high-tech option is the Underwear Top, XWARM from Blåkläder. With this work undershirt, you get a multi-functional thermal undershirt that helps regulate your temperature and keeps you warm and dry while working in extremely cold temperatures.

Versatile work undershirts

In addition to thermal undershirts, we also have functional undershirts from Mascot that focus on all-round work in different temperatures. They are both insulating and sweat-transporting whilst also comfortable, lightweight, and highly flexible. Our selection of functional work undershirts includes:

For further weather protection, we recommend having a look at our assortment of work underwear, and of course, a corporate jacket is also a preferable investment.