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It is important to always put safety first. Your workwear is an essential part of your personal protection, so it is crucial that you wear the appropriate clothing for the tasks you are doing. In many industries such as offshore, wind, shipping, and construction, it can be necessary that you are easy to spot in order to avoid potential accidents. Hi-vis clothing is reflective and offers optimal visibility, so you can work safely.

At Comtec Carl Backs we offer a wide variety of hi-vis clothing such as high visibility coveralls. They are useful because they provide visibility and allow you to move freely because there is no parting between the top and the trousers. Furthermore, a hi-vis coverall is practical to wear as safety clothing over your normal clothes, so you can make sure that you live up to safety requirements.

We always strive to deliver high quality products and service. Because of this we carefully select our suppliers and keep educating our talented employees on our products, so you can have an excellent customer experience when you shop with us.

Different styles of high visibility coveralls

Comtec Carl Backs is one of Denmark’s leading specialist suppliers when it comes to workwear, and you can find our selection of high visibility coveralls on this page. We have high visibility coveralls in different designs, so you can choose whether you want it to cover your arms or not. Also, you can pick your hi-vis coverall from a variety of colours and sizes. Take a look at our assortment of high visibility coveralls, and find the workwear that suits your needs the best.